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Light My Fire

As architects our passiion is place-making; designing memorable environmnets inside and outside, places for activity and contemplation.

Sandra Vlock created these remarkable "Fireballs" using weather-worn antique mooring balls as her palette. The 5-foot diameter, 1/4" thick steel globes have been carved away revealing a magical world of wide-eyed fish, boats, anchors, giant octopus, rolling waves and othe marine life. Though weighing in at 300 pounds they appear weighless, perched delicately above the ground. Light a fire, and they transform the sceneā€”an endlessly engaging setting for friends and family to gather.

Two recently completed installations of "Fireballs" include the stunning waterfront location along the seawall of Indian Point, a private residence designed by AKV. The second one resides in the architect's own garden.